Blog 2

Spring Break.

I’m going home today! I cannot wait. Unfortunately, I am stuck in a class for two more hours before I can hit the road for a short six-hour drive to Miami! Ah, I can’t wait breathe that Miami air. Seriously though, the air in Miami is just nicer to me. It flows better into my lungs, a slight ocean vibe in every breeze, no matter where you are. Some do not agree, saying that there is no sea breeze unless you are in South Beach, but I think they are wrong. Especially when you spend months in a place hours away from the ocean…Yeah yeah yeah, I know. some people are states away from the ocean but it’s all relative! I grew up being minutes away (not including traffic, but still).

The only issue about this break though is I will only be in Miami for one day. However, the rest of the week will be in Costa Rica so I think it’s an ok trade. I’m going all over Costa for a study abroad trip with the bestie: volcanoes, springs, forests, plantations, zip lining etc.  I am getting nervous though and I am angry about my airline choice (I don’t wanna name any names…but it’s the same as a Dreamworks movie about a horse voiced by Matt Damon). We chose them because their ticket was the cheapest but now they are charging extra for everything! UGH. Oh well, never again. You live and you learn. Anyway, I wish I could post during the trip but Wi-Fi access will be few and far between so I will be going back to the good ol’ pen and notebook!

Wish me luck!




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